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General or DeepClean

   General Clean:

 This is a General , Light Dust and vacuum.

We will still  clean the usual - Kitchen's, Bathrooms, Sitting Rooms ect. If you have any specific places that have gathered dust or need a extra scrub, then let us know and we will make this a priority.

This clean is used by people not looking for a  Deep clean.

Deep Clean:

This is a Deep and more thorough Clean and takes longer to complete. The rate per hour is the same, we just need to ensure that we book more hours. The more hours booked, the deeper we can clean for you.

We include all the places you might forget. Skirting, Door Frames,  Towel Racks, Light Fittings, Shelving, Blinds ect.  Please ensure that any area's  that require extra attention are mentioned to us  so we can add them to your jobs list.

Additional Duties can be added at your clean at no additional charge. See Additional Services for examples of other services we carry out.

** We always encourage that notes be left for us to ensure you receive the clean you wish **

Example of a Deep Clean:  

  • Dust Coving, Skirting and Room Corners
  • Dust Light Fittings
  • Dust Window Sills
  • Dust Radiator Covers
  • Dust Shelving
  • Clean / Vacuum Floors
  • Polish Mirrors
  • Dust Pictures
  • Empty and Clean Ashtrays and Waste Baskets.

Entrance Hall :

  • Clean and neaten Shoe Rack 

Lounge / Sitting Room :

  • Dust and Polish Tables
  • Dust and Polish Ornaments
  • Dust and Polish Mirrors
  • Dust and Polish Television and Sound Equipment
  • Dust and Polish Fireplace
  • Wipe Down Leather Lounge Suite
  • Vacuum Material Lounge Suite

Dining Room:

  • Dust and Polish Dining Table
  • Dust and Wipe Dining Chairs
  • Clean any Baby Equipment eg- High Chairs
  • Clear Ashtray's

Kitchen/ Laundry:

  • Oven Clean - Exterior including Hob and Splashback
  • Sink- Clean and Sterilize
  • Wipe and Clean Exterior Fridge
  • Wipe and Clean Exterior Microwave
  • Wipe and Clean Exterior Kettle
  • Wipe and Clean Exterior any additional appliances
  • Wipe and Clean Exterior Washing Machine/ Tumble Drier
  • Wipe Down and Disinfect Counters / Table Tops
  • Wipe Down Exterior Cupboard Doors
  • Dust Televisions and Sound Equipment
  • Empty Bins
  • Clear Ashtray's

Bathrooms and Toilets:

  • Clean, Scrub and Disinfect Showers, Baths and Hand Basins
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Clean and Disinfect Toilets
  • Clean Taps
  • Change Hand Towels

Bedrooms :

  • Dust and Polish Bed Frames
  • Dust and Polish Dressers
  • Dust and Polish Televisions and Sound Equipment
  • Dust Desks/ Chairs
  • Clean Mirrors


  • Dust Computers/ Fax Machines/ Printers
  • Wipe and Dust Desk and Chair
  • Dust Shelving / Bookshelves

 Standard Office Clean:                                                      

  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming  
  • Clean, Scrub and Disinfect Toilets and Hand Basins
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Vacuum / Wash floor
  • Clean kitchen Appliances, Cabinet Fronts
  • Disinfect Staff Canteen Table and Chairs
  • Disinfect Counters
  • Clean inside and Outside Microwaves
  • Vacuum and Wash floors  
  • Additional Requests can be discussed