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Our Cleaners:

All our cleaners will take the utmost care when on your property.

To ensure suitability all cleaners have been through the following process before employment is offered:

At least 5 or more of the below is conducted by The House Fairies.

* Telephone Interviewed first to asses suitability.

* Face to Face Interview- where references and experience are discussed in detail.

* Both Written and Oral references are supplied.                                    

* All our cleaners have signed a contract confirming that they have never been convicted of a crime or have any criminal proceedings pending.

* All cleaners have a secondary contract signed where they agree to the all key and alarm code security measures.

* Cleaners have to complete Full Training with the House Fairies.

* Next of Kin Details

* Identity Proof- in the form of passport details and/ or drivers license. Where possible we take both forms of ID.

* Utility Bills are copied, proving Name and Address details.

* NI Number

* Car Registration Details

"The House Fairies" will not tolerate any misuse or abuse of a clients property. Criminal charges will be laid against all those who abuse a clients trust, however small.