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Mothers Help Service & Helping Hand Companions- for Elderly or Injured

Mothers Help Service:

Whether you need someone for a few hours one day a week or someone on a more regular basis, we could help.

Typical Mothers Help Duties would Include:



Part responsibility for the children of the family which includes :            


* Preparing meals and feeding the children a healthy diet            


* Occasional Laundry / Washing and ironing


* Taking the children to suitable social activities/groups


*  Part responsibility for their physical and intellectual development and pre-school and school education


* Keeping their rooms and play areas tidy


* Organizing and undertaking any visits to doctors, dentists, child health clinics and such other duties as a nanny would undertake should it be necessary.


* Light Housework if required.


We would be happy to discuss any specific requirements a client may have.


Baby Sitting Service:

If you need a night out, we could help.

A typical Evening would include:

* Feeding the children

* Bathing and dressing if required

* Play time or Bed time story reading

Different Families have different requests and we would be happy to accommodate if we can.

Qualifications and References

All Sitters have been interviewed and thoroughly checked out. 

All have provided references which you will be able to review should you wish.

And many are registered childminders or Au-Pairs and Nanny's.

You will be given a Full Brief of your Mothers Help or Sitter giving you the opportunity to have all your questions answered.


 Helping Hand Companions- For the Elderly or Injured

We provide live -out caring companions, on a one to one basis, aimed at older or injured people. We aim to be diligent, passionate and supportive so that your loved one, can remain happily independent, in the comfort of their own homes.

For full details: Please visit - www.helpinghandcompanions.co.uk

Staff and Training:

All our companions and carers, have been through Mulberry House Accredited Training, which is a BAC accredited training programme,
( British Accreditation Council) in order to obtain a recognised Qualifications in Care Planning.


The BAC is the leading mark of educational quality, a guarantee of standards. Widely recognised as the most rigorous and independent educational accreditation, BAC accreditation has been recognised by UK governments as an indicator of the bona fides of educational institutions. It is the mark of properly accredited training.


BAC accreditation is a globally recognised mark of quality acheived through an objective, detailed audit of your processes, policies and systems.


In addition to the BAC accredited Care plan Training, we also cover in house training which include housekeeping, cleaning, ironing and food preparation. We aim to give the best match possible to your loved ones, to fufill their needs.

BAC Accredited Courses Completed by Companions:

1)           The Role of a Care worker


2)           Care Planning


3)           Dementia Care Planning

              (Including Alzheimers) 

Here are just a few services we provide:


Although we will discuss your individual requirements and tailor these to your individual needs : 


* Caring Companionship, as required- to include playing board games and assisting with hobbies.


* Mental Stimulation


* Feeding and helping to look after any pets.


* Accompanying your loved one on any shopping or grocery trips

* Organising and Arranging by phone , any appointments, including doctors appointments


* Running Errands- such as to the Post Office, picking up groceries....


* Accompaniment to any appointments/ Visits

* Light general housework.


* Taking in and unpacking any shopping deliveries .


* Food preparation and Cooking , if required.

* Making cups of tea and ensuring they have healthy snacks while we are there.


* General House-Keeping duties


* Laundry


* Ironing


* Changing of bed-linen 


***** PLEASE NOTE******


The spectrum of care that we provide is wide, however it must be stressed that we are not a nursing agency, meaning that we do not take care of any personal or nursing duties. We provide Non medical care and companionship.